sociale media


Here you can follow me on  a platform you want to.

You can almost find me somewhere...


instagram is my biggest  direct playground on the internet. On that site you can follow almost all my photography action, started from my DSLR, over my fuji, to my iPhone


500px is a other  platform that give's you a worldwide challance mostly used by a lot off photografers.

The pictures overthere are incredible and a real inspiration


facebook is all over the world and almost the  biggest, i think.

It's avously normal that you can find me over there....


flickr for me is bit like a portfolio and friendgroup in one.Like all other picture media, you can show your work, find and make some groups and friends very easy 


gurushots is a online  platform that give's you a worldwide challance just for the fun. Even without a bench off friends, you still get your votes


google+ for me is just some channel i use to promote all my activity I do all over the internet.

I'm not that google+ user because i'm not sure how to


Wordpress is compleet new for me...

Sorry, but I'm no blogger or writer, so I'm not sure if I will use it often, but we're doing our best


linkedin is a proffecional platform where you can find and meet other professional and specialist in all kind off sectors...

 hope to you see you soon.

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