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Born and live in Antwerp since 1972



Let me introduce myself.

Photography is not just some hobby. It's way more than that, it's my life. It's a virus running through my blood since i was born. At the age of six I had my first camera and it was always with me. Wherever I go, I go with the box. Then there was school, I hate studie. I always look outside, or to some detailing stuff, making pictures on my mind. At twelve, i both my first analoge slr. Some oldscool nikon FG-20 film reflex of course. And every free minut I was outside with my camera...but then something happend...school stopt an you have to find a job. And there i made a mistake. I never look for a job on photography, silly me, but that came later on my mind. At the age of 35 i went back to school, to studie digital photography. And i past all the models and graduated on the end. And from that age my virus exploded. I can't and want stop taking and making pictures. Still follow workshops and even start as a professional beside my current occupation. As a small business subject to the exemption regulation of tax.


Today I still proud to have that virus, it's such a beautiful desease to live with.



mostly i love to work inside, playing with light gives my mind peace and satisfaction, what makes me happy and creative.

simetimes I go out for some modelshootings, streetshots or even nature and some architecture.


I really like product photography being creative with light and subject brings some healthy stress and peace in my mind ...

studio, on location, in-door, out-door, everything is possible,

almost everything is posible... my mobility brings me right where you want it.

Love to do food photography, as a hobby chef and photographer I prefer some visually appealing to the eye... a meal is much more than just some food. It can be so colorful, so teasty and so beautifull in just one picture. Even fast food.

Business and some interior photography are also fully in my line.

Make sure everything is nice detaild into the picture, or just bring a friendly atmosphere, as it daily looks like.

The feeling been there before, or feel at home from the first impressio.

The processing to flyer, poster, banner or promotional, is done here at the house with all your participation to end the product we had on mind.

This can range from one single photo provided with text to a full assembly of various images.

I'm an introvert person and have a little retracted character, but I also do model photos. From portfolio, over full body, to portrait... For business or pleasure. Everything is possible.

Everyone is always welcome

Feel free to give us a call for interest and / or questions.


grts, M.

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Antwerp, Belgium




I do NOT do marriages, parties, performances and / or major events.

I leave this to my fellow photographers who specialize in this.

All credits are all for me, this photodimarco.be site is compleet from my hands.

I really apologize if there are some mistakes or errors somewhere text or page.

I hope you enjoy here and contact me somewere.

hope to you see you soon.


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